Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Cell Phones for Seniors

Seniors have grown to a growing group in the German mobile market and now also have the manufacturers of mobile phones recognize the now bringing more and more special mobile phones for seniors on the market that advertise with special features, and extremely large keys for the favor of the buyer . So far the best known on the German mobile phone market is "Catherine the Great" and the sequel "Big Easy 2", both from the otherwise rather unknown manufacturer Fitage. Both provide the buyer with programmable hot keys assignment, extremely large keys and a display with a very large font. There is also a special emergency button that can directly transmit emergency calls.

In addition to the special cell phones for seniors, however, offer many traditional manufacturers phones, which are at least partially meet the special requirements for seniors. These even have a distinct advantage: While the special phones usually have a distinctive design and it is also still relatively large, the mobile phones of normal providers are significantly less conspicuous and easier to transport. But one must, however, in the special functions smears accepted. The top class of mobile phones for seniors offers even a meter accurate GPS positioning, it must be dispensed in a normal mobile phone, of course. Here, you can by simply locating the transmitting station to find out what limits the radius, but still in an emergency necessitates a longer search.

Whether a cell phone for seniors is appropriate or not, the buyer must ultimately decide many are well capable in traditional mobile phones, vision or Hörschwache people go with the special phones but much better.